Why .wtf?

Number 1 question we have as of right now is, why “yada.wtf”?

It started off being our only option as yada.com.au is owned by a fucking accountant and “yada.ninja” or “yada.sex” didn’t feel right.

Although it started off as a bit of fun, we are slowly discovering this is a huge part of who Yada is. We have a WTF mentality.
We have tried to think of ways to break this down and have a come up with a few points as to what a WTF mentality is.

1. Question Everything
If we are 100% content with something then we have failed. If we don’t question elements of our creations then we are blending in and conforming to create the “perfect” solution.
If everything is perfect it is easily brushed over and not remembered. I don’t remember the guy in the crisp clean suit blending in with the rest of the “pleblic”, I remember the guy walking around in the bright yellow leopard print jacket with the armpit holes cut out. It’s not about being different for the sake of difference, we want to question the necessity of you armpits being caged in cotton or in designer terms perfectly structured and left aligned typography.

As designers, we know the standard “rules” of design. Our WTF mentality asks these rules the question “why” in the hope when the work is viewed people will ask the same question and change their view on how things should be.

2. Stop Them in Their Tracks
As our attention spans get shorter and shorter it is making it harder and harder to engage people in anything! So making someone stop and say a classy WTF is a hard thing to achieve!

To make someone look at something for 30 seconds rather than 7 is a massive goal of ours! Whether if it is a logo or a poster our goal is to make someone stop, look and remember. Again we want people to ask why rather than just accept what they are seeing.

3. Its Fun
The main reason we love the WTF mentality is that it lets us be who we naturally are. We get to be bold, reckless + explosive in a world where design is pocketed off to be purely practical and functional.
Our focus is on creativity first, function second.